Who We Are


Kristofor (Kip) Barnes – Board Beer Geek Creator & Vul-kar Adept

Kip is a local LA Beer Blogger and the Co-Founder of new Los Angeles up and coming brewery, Los Angeles Ale Works.  He is also the author of the beer travel book The Beer Lovers Guide to Southern California.  Kip’s site Bierkast.com focuses on the Los Angeles beer scene and includes interviews with local industry professionals, event coverage, the Los Angeles Ale Works blog, and opinion pieces about the beer world at large.  Kip’s love for board games started with Monopoly, Clue, and Fireball Island, but in recent years he’s found a revitalized interest in table top gaming.  Games such as Mansions of Madness, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, and Tales of the Arabian Nights are his current intersts, but Fireball Island will always be his favorite.


Boyan Radakovich – TableTop Producer & Game Guru

Boyan Radakovich is a producer for Geek & Sundry’s wildly popular show “TableTop,” hosted by Wil Wheaton and the creator of the gaming holiday International TableTop Day. Bo is also an Origins Award-finalist game designer, the director of awesome for Gamesmith, sought after creative consultant, the former marketing director of one of the largest games distributors, valued community organizer, and an outspoken advocate for the cognitive and social benefits of tabletop gaming. Bo is the designer of the Kickstarter backed Pirate-themed game , Pirate Den.  When not playing, producing, or promoting games, Bo likes to travel and spend time with friends over a good drink.

joshsellers 2

Josh Sellers – Ale & Monster Master

Josh has been playing board games, card games and tabletop games since he was a wee lad. He loves to compete and has always thrown himself into learning everything there is to know about the strategy of games such as Catan, Risk, Axis and Allies, and many other strategy based games. This love for immersion also translates to the beer world. As the head honcho for www.la-beer-blog.com, Josh covers events both big and small in an effort to bring an Angeleno’s viewpoint to the rest of the beer loving community.  While he is fairly new to the beer blogging scene, he has been around in the wargaming community for several years writing for the site www.3forint.com.


John Michael Verive – Cicerone & Purveyor of the Unknown

John is a beer writer covering craft beer in Los Angeles for the L.A. Times Daily Dish, Beer Paper LA, and on his site Beer of Tomorrow. John’s been a gamer since the 80s heydays of Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers, went though the miniature gaming and collectible card gaming phases in the 90s, and discovered “euro-style” board games with Puerto Rico 10 years ago. The mind-twisting games of Reiner Knizia are some of his favorites along with anything featuring the awakening of a Great Old One.