What the Food?!

Peter Setting Up

Peter Setting Up

We have one new game that we’re adding to the line-up and it’s both fun and made by a local, Peter Vaughan.  This fast paced card game takes between 25-45 minutes to play and is primarily card based.  Players take on the personas of school kids in a massive food fights throwing everything from rotten spaghetti & meatballs slathered in chocolate syrup to peanut butter covered raw eggs.  Successfully pelting your competition with food slaps them with humiliation points and with 10 of those points you lose the game.  Beware, your opponents can duck, dodge, and reflect your attacks, and with random events that completely change up gameplay, the tides of food battle can turn at any minute.

Kip and the PrincipalI had the pleasure of meeting Peter last night and walking through the game mechanics and I’m happy to say it’s fun, easy to pick up, and has a ton of variability – perfect for beginners and advanced players.  The character design is fantastic something both Peter and Character Designer (Nickelodeon/Disney) Sebastian Duclos should be very proud of.

Squirmy BeastPeter’s Company, Squirmy Beast, successfully Kickstarted What the Food in June of 2013 and it’s now available at game shops and online.  Peter is also a regular author on The League of Game Makers, a blog dedicated to design, artistry, and creation of new tabletop/card games.  If you’re in the process of designing your own game, make sure to check it out.

Peter won’t be joining us in person at the event, but he’s given us one of his games along with exclusive promo cards and an expansion pack, which we’ll be giving away to a lucky winner during the event.  But remember, the only way you can win the game is by coming to the event so get your tickets now!

Twitter: @pvaughan007

Cheers, Kip


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