The Bard

LuteA Cunning Musician

We are incredibly lucky to have a local bard, Aaron Collette, attending the Board Beer Geek Tavern.   Not only does Collette play guitar for the alternative rock band Carrion Crow, but he’s also skilled in electronica & mandolin.  Coming to us from Burbank, CA, Collette will be playing a selection of Medieval inspired tavern musical arrangements for your enjoyment.


We’ll be giving away several goodies throughout the event including games, exclusive cards, and even brewery swag.  Be sure to fill out your comment card and raffle ticket to enter the drawing.

What the Food Exclusive?! Table Top DayLAAW Shirt What the Food box 2

Start Time

The event kicks off at 12pm sharp.  To ensure you get the most out of your ticket, please arrive on time or early so you can get to your beers, board games, and taco baring.


Parking for our event is free and can be found directly behind Story Tavern in the rear of the building off of Angeleno.  Check the map below.  Parking can also be found on the streets easy walking distance away from the event.  *BE SURE TO CHECK STREET SIGNS FOR PARKING LIMITATIONS

Story Tavern – 150s San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502 – (818) 567-4200

Story Tavern Parking 1

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