Coins at BBG3

We rolled out the coin currency at the last event and it seemed to be pretty successful. We don’t want to mess with something that works, so We’re totally doing it again. With your purchase of the prime or royal ticket levels (ahem you will get 10 coins to use as you choose. The event is still free if you don’t want to eat or drink at story tavern, but buying the coins helps us put on more awesome events for you!

What the hell do you do with the coins?

1 (one) coin gets you one taster of the special cask or keg beers we have for you
3 (three) coins, you get a pint!
1 (one) coin gets you an extra raffle ticket
4 (four) coins, you can order an item from the menu we have worked out with Story Tavern.
6 (six) coins or $15, you can get a sweet BBG t-shirt! (while supplies last)

We’ll be selling coins at the event at the rate of 8 for $20. But if you buy them from the browpaper tickets sale, you get a raffle ticket in the deal!

Midsummer’s Morn Recap

Our July 12th event was a success!  We tapped two awesome casks of local craft beer, congregated in the beautiful Story Tavern, collaborated with game publishers AEG & Playroom Entertainment, enjoyed the company of gamers from all around, and were honored by the surprise appearances of tabletop game celebs such as Mike Selinker and Wil Wheaton! All in all it was a great event and a testament to the fact that there is a burgeoning craft beer and gaming community out there.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our collective Board Beer Geek hearts, for sharing this fantastic day with us. Special thanks to Jeremy Raub & Andrew Bakofsky of Eagle Rock Brewery for playing games with us and bringing their tasty cask of Lou.  Thank you also to Brian Slaught & the Story Tavern team for the food and venue.  To our game sponsor AEG & Playroom Entertainment, we take off our hats, you rock!  And very special thanks to our newest Board Beer Geek member, Boyan Radakovich, who, with his help and mentorship, is helping to make this event the best it can be.

A Final Super Duper Thanks to everyone that attended!  Cheers, Huzzah, and See you all soon at the next event!

Sincerely with Revelry,

The Board Beer Geek Team


Board Beer Geek 2, What’s that?

The most common question I get when handing out flyers or telling people I’m doing this event is… you guessed it! “Board Beer Geek, What’s that?” Quickly followed by “Is that some nerd thing?”, “Why are you in my house?” and “I’m calling the police” The last one isn’t really a question, but I wanted to take some time outside of your house to tell you guys about this sweet event that Kip, Bo and I are putting on!


It’s happening!!!!

Board Beer Geek is about two things. Games and Craft Beer. Last time we had some of our favorite games for people to play. Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, King of tokyo, and a couple more. This time we have games brought to us and you by AEG, Playroom Entertainment, and The Gamesmith!


Playroom Entertainment is bringing us Unspeakable Words, Geek Out, and Killer Bunnies! Here’s a little bit about the games you’ll be playing…

Unspeakable words is a sweet Cthulu themed spelling card game. Imagine words with friends with a sanity check each round. You can find a breakdown of the rules on their website here!

Killer Bunnies is a game where you play as vicious bunnies on the mean streets of bunnyville. The point of the game is to have your bunny gang take out all of the opposing bunny gangs in brutal bunny on bunny combat! You can check out the full rules here.

Geek Out is the nerdiest trivia game you’ll ever play. Where only the truly nerdy “win” by trying to convince everyone else that the Flash is faster than Superman when everyone knows he’s not… Check out the rules here if you really want to, but we all know Superman is faster.

We will have copies of these games on hand for the raffle, in exchange for BBG coins, and just to play in general!

Our next feature game company is AEG. They are kind of a big deal. I will be bringing you more info on the games they will have for us tomorrow. As well as some info on the beer and a couple other special guests we will be featuring later this week!

New Event – New Prices

Hi Everyone!

So we’ve changed the format and pricing of the event slightly.  This is a good thing.  The Prime (Basic) Ticket is still $25, but we’ve also added a second level, Royal, for $65!



Go Royal!

The Royal level includes everything provided in the Prime ticket level: event entrance, food, beer, gaming, wooden nickels, and (1) raffle ticket plus MORE!

In Royal Level Tickets includes the following:

  • Prime Ticket ($25 Value)
  • Board Beer Geek T-Shirt (locally screen-printed on an American Apparel shirt) ($20 Value)
  • The Royal Button! – A 3″ button emblazoned with “The Royal Button” so everyone will know you’re the real deal! (Priceless)
  • (1) Featured Game – Our event  will feature several awesome games and you’ll actually get to take one home with you! ($20-30 Value)
  • (+1 ) Extra Raffle Ticket – You’ll get 1 additional raffle ticket which will give you an extra edge over the competition. (A chance to win free Royal entry into our next event)
  • VIP Gaming – As a Royal member, you’ll get to game with some of our special guests guaranteed! (Priceless)Royalty

So why wait? Get your ticket to the Royal experience today!


Eagle Rock Cask – Mugwort Brown Ale

MugwortCask for the People – JULY 12th

On Saturday, July 6th, the Board Beer Geek team headed out to meet with our friends at local LA beer hotspot, Eagle Rock Brewery.  The mission was to create/collaborate on a cask.  Brewer and Cellarman, Andrew Bakofsky had a special set of ingredients ready to go.

The beer: A hoppy American brown ale (currently unreleased) fully of rich notes of toasted brown bread and an assertive hop finish.

The special ingredients: Ancient gruit herb, Mugwort and traditional anise.  Mugwort is a very earthy herb reminiscent of chamomile with a floral a roam and woodiness.  The addition of hammered anise seeds rounds out the flavor of the brown ale creating something super unique and tasty.  Remember, you’ll only get it here folks.

Andrew adding YeastAndrew showed us how Eagle Rock Brewery creates some of its casks.  An addition of sugar and fresh yeast are added prior to the beer, which will cause a small fermentation inside the cask and add natural carbonation.  The special ingredients are added and then finally the beer.  The cask is then sealed with a plastic shive (bung) and the downward force of a hammer (accompanied by Andrew’s Hurculean strength).

Hurculean Stregth Andrew

Making a cask is an exciting opportunity to collaborate and experiment with beer flavorings.  Eagle Rock Brewery is no stranger to this UK form of serving beer and frequently has casks available at Story Tavern in Burbank.  After filling the cask with the special ingredients, the team was able to do a traditional barrel/cask roll, which ensures that the  If you’re interested in learning more about their casks be sure to check out their tap room or Story Tavern.

Barrel Roll

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.45.07 PMOther Beer

Eagle Rock Brewery will also have on tap their Witbier, Manifesto, perfect for the summer heat.  Los Angeles Ale Works will be debuting it’s new LA Kumquat infused French/Belgian Saison in both cask and draft form.  The cask has an extra addition of Kumquats and Filipino Calamansi (mini lemons) to add tartness.


Story Tavern will have many other beer options available including their popular gluten free option, Craft Cider.  With so many options, everyone is sure to find something they like.

Be sure to get your tickets at or click here!


Event Recap and News

Wow! #TableTopDay was awesome and we were so lucky to be able to spend it with all of you.  As this was our first event, we definitely learned a lot, and thank you for taking part in our little moment of making history at Story Tavern.  We collected some fantastic feed back and have some constructive points we’ll aim to meet at our next event.  Check out our photos!


We were super excited to have a cask of Eagle Rock beer specially made for the event.  The sumac and honey Populist IPA went really well with the entire them.  One perk with being involved in the beer industry in LA is that we have access to cool one offs like this.  We also have access to Los Angeles Ale Works beer, so if you guys & gals want us to do an experiment for the next event with a crazy beer, just let us know!


We still want to hear what you think so if you didn’t leave feedback and still want to or if you remembered something that might make the event better, drop us an email, hit up our facebook page, or tweet us @BBGTavern.

Board Beer Geek Tavern News

Board Beer Geek Tavern isn’t just about playing games, drinking beer, and listening to music, it’s also about supporting our local gaming community.  We were able to work with a local game retailers to procure our board games this time around, JJ’s Game Lounge, and we now have a pretty nice selection of beginner level games that we can provide at events.  That being said, we were super excited that others brought games to share with the crowd.  This is exactly the kind of thing we want to do in the future.  If you are a game retailer or game  know someone that would like to sponsor our next event, please let us know.  Sponsorship can be everything from monetary to food, to supplies, to new games.

We also want to help spread the word about local game makers.  Peter Vaughan, a Burbank native, raised funds via kickstarter for his great game What the Food!  There are also many other local game makers supporting their projects via crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.  If you hear of a cool local project or want to help get the word out about your game, drop us a line.

We’ll be sending out a newsletter as soon as we set the next Board Beer Geek Tavern date, which wont be for a few months, but stay vigil so you don’t miss the next one! We may be planning a series of smaller pop-up events around town as well!  If you want to subscribe to the newsletter you can do so in the right side bar.

Local Game Makers

Speaking of local Kickstarters, Pirate Den, the pirate themed card bluffing game by GameSmith, is currently on kickstarter with 7 hours to go.  Bo, will be at Redwood in Downtown LA tonight to celebrate the countdown of the project.  The project is currently successful, but they are still trying to reach stretch goals.


Courtesy of Gamesmith LLC, Pirate Den Kickstarter

Also, if you are a fan of Ticket to Ride, one of our favorites, you may be interested to know that Days of Wonder just released word of a Collectors edition with deluxe board, painted cars, and some other super cool upgrades for the 10th anniversary of TTR.  It’s available for pre-order now for a cool $100.



Table Top Season 3

Finally, if you’re a fan of Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Geek & Sundry, and Table Top, they are doing an Indie Go Go campaign for Table Top Season 3! Working to break away from google & youtube, they plan to fly solo an need the public’s help.  They’ve already hit their initial goal of $500,000, which is a ton of money, but clearly the support is unanimous and they’re stretching for more.  For anyone that doesn’t know, both Wil & Felicia are local, so supporting this campaign goes right in line with supporting our local community.  #ILoveTableTop



Event Photos!

The Bard

LuteA Cunning Musician

We are incredibly lucky to have a local bard, Aaron Collette, attending the Board Beer Geek Tavern.   Not only does Collette play guitar for the alternative rock band Carrion Crow, but he’s also skilled in electronica & mandolin.  Coming to us from Burbank, CA, Collette will be playing a selection of Medieval inspired tavern musical arrangements for your enjoyment.


We’ll be giving away several goodies throughout the event including games, exclusive cards, and even brewery swag.  Be sure to fill out your comment card and raffle ticket to enter the drawing.

What the Food Exclusive?! Table Top DayLAAW Shirt What the Food box 2

Start Time

The event kicks off at 12pm sharp.  To ensure you get the most out of your ticket, please arrive on time or early so you can get to your beers, board games, and taco baring.


Parking for our event is free and can be found directly behind Story Tavern in the rear of the building off of Angeleno.  Check the map below.  Parking can also be found on the streets easy walking distance away from the event.  *BE SURE TO CHECK STREET SIGNS FOR PARKING LIMITATIONS

Story Tavern – 150s San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502 – (818) 567-4200

Story Tavern Parking 1

What the Food?!

Peter Setting Up

Peter Setting Up

We have one new game that we’re adding to the line-up and it’s both fun and made by a local, Peter Vaughan.  This fast paced card game takes between 25-45 minutes to play and is primarily card based.  Players take on the personas of school kids in a massive food fights throwing everything from rotten spaghetti & meatballs slathered in chocolate syrup to peanut butter covered raw eggs.  Successfully pelting your competition with food slaps them with humiliation points and with 10 of those points you lose the game.  Beware, your opponents can duck, dodge, and reflect your attacks, and with random events that completely change up gameplay, the tides of food battle can turn at any minute.

Kip and the PrincipalI had the pleasure of meeting Peter last night and walking through the game mechanics and I’m happy to say it’s fun, easy to pick up, and has a ton of variability – perfect for beginners and advanced players.  The character design is fantastic something both Peter and Character Designer (Nickelodeon/Disney) Sebastian Duclos should be very proud of.

Squirmy BeastPeter’s Company, Squirmy Beast, successfully Kickstarted What the Food in June of 2013 and it’s now available at game shops and online.  Peter is also a regular author on The League of Game Makers, a blog dedicated to design, artistry, and creation of new tabletop/card games.  If you’re in the process of designing your own game, make sure to check it out.

Peter won’t be joining us in person at the event, but he’s given us one of his games along with exclusive promo cards and an expansion pack, which we’ll be giving away to a lucky winner during the event.  But remember, the only way you can win the game is by coming to the event so get your tickets now!

Twitter: @pvaughan007

Cheers, Kip


Hear Ye Hear Ye! Special Guests!

We’re excited to announce some very special guests attending the Board Beer Geek Tavern event at Story Tavern on April 5th!

AmyVorpahlAmy Vorpahl

We’re honored to have popular improv comedian and actress Amy Vorphal at the Board Beer Geek Tavern.

Amy Vorpahl is an actress/writer/producer from Texas. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her BFA in acting, and is really stoked to be a graduate of The Groundlings Sunday Company! You may have seen her on The Mindy Project, Super Fun Night, Body of Proof, and Castle.Most recently the film Sister that she played in was accepted to Tribeca FF 2014. She is a proud host/writer for the RPG tutorial web show, Saving Throw, and has guested in other D&D shows such as Crit Juice, Dungeon Master, and plays Lady Vorpal on the web show Dungeon Bastard. Bring on the games!

Favorite Game: Skyrim

Twitter: @AmyVorpahl

IMG_3740-outMatt Buchholtz

DnD’er and Groundlings Improvisor, Matt Buchholtz from the popular Crit Juice podcast will be in attendance.

Matt drinks a lot of coffee. A lot. He’s a comedy writer, graphic designer, and gaming enthusiast hybrid class with several points into acting. He has studied at the University of Washington, Groundlings Theatre, and Upright Citizens Brigade. Proud founder of Crit Juice, Matt reprises his role every podcast as the stodgy and stonefaced Doc Keratin, long-tooth shifter of Dol Dorn. Keep your eyes open for Matt in a new Odenkirk project as well as his first feature, The Black Maria.

Twitter: @mattisgrounded

critjuicecrestCrit Juice

Crit Juice, is a podcast following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence.  The cast also puts on live shows from time to time at the Groundlings theater in Hollywood.  Definitely worth following if you are a fan of gaming and comedy. Join Matt Buchholtz along with a few of his crew including Daniel Acker, Handsome Gary Soldati, Amy Vorpahl, and Elko Weaver.

Twitter: @critjuice

UnderTheTableUnder the Table

Kelly Boardman and the cast of Under The Table, one of the newest geeky board game shows under theStream.TV umbrella will be in attendance.

“Under The Table” is a Tabletop Boardgaming show. Each episode features a new tabletop game, theme, special guest, and exciting original cocktail based on them. One sober host desperately tries to push the game along, as everyone else ends up Under the Table!

  • Host: Xander Jeanneret – You may recognize Xander from the second season of TBS’ King of the Nerds! Xander brings all of his goofy charm to the table, and loves every minute of it!
  • Host: Kevin Becker – Kevin is the “Sober Host” of the show, and manages to push the rest of the group through the various games. With his quick wit, however, he’ll be sure to leave you in stitches!
  • Host: Ryan Shrewsbury – Alcohol cannot dull the sharp tongue of comedian and writer Ryan. He’ll cut you apart with his jokes, but then glue you back together with his big heart. (Then smash you to pieces again)
  • Host: Ben Thomas – The “Rules Master” Ben is a stunt performer. He’ll knock you out with his one-two punch of competitive gameplay and strategy!
  • Host: Kelly Boardman – Kelly is the sweetheart of the group, and the resident mixologist. You’ll fall in love with her quirky personality as she brews her way to victory!