Boom! We’re back

Hey everyone, it’s been a bit radio silent from us for a while due to our organizers making babies, opening breweries, buying houses, moving out of state and various other adult-like activities.
But we’re back!
Next Saturday (April 29th) Join us at Los Angeles Ale Works for a bit of craft beer, cask beer, food and board game action! And the best part is, there’s no entry charge for this one, just come down and enjoy some fun times with us.
We will have some board games on hand for you to enjoy as well as some people to show you how they work if you don’t know. But as always, feel free to bring your own copies and your own friends to battle it out!
The deets:
When: April 29th, doors open at 12pm
Where: 12918 Cerise Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Who: You!
Why: Because we love you?

Coins at BBG3

We rolled out the coin currency at the last event and it seemed to be pretty successful. We don’t want to mess with something that works, so We’re totally doing it again. With your purchase of the prime or royal ticket levels (ahem you will get 10 coins to use as you choose. The event is still free if you don’t want to eat or drink at story tavern, but buying the coins helps us put on more awesome events for you!

What the hell do you do with the coins?

1 (one) coin gets you one taster of the special cask or keg beers we have for you
3 (three) coins, you get a pint!
1 (one) coin gets you an extra raffle ticket
4 (four) coins, you can order an item from the menu we have worked out with Story Tavern.
6 (six) coins or $15, you can get a sweet BBG t-shirt! (while supplies last)

We’ll be selling coins at the event at the rate of 8 for $20. But if you buy them from the browpaper tickets sale, you get a raffle ticket in the deal!

Board Beer Geek 2, What’s that?

The most common question I get when handing out flyers or telling people I’m doing this event is… you guessed it! “Board Beer Geek, What’s that?” Quickly followed by “Is that some nerd thing?”, “Why are you in my house?” and “I’m calling the police” The last one isn’t really a question, but I wanted to take some time outside of your house to tell you guys about this sweet event that Kip, Bo and I are putting on!


It’s happening!!!!

Board Beer Geek is about two things. Games and Craft Beer. Last time we had some of our favorite games for people to play. Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, King of tokyo, and a couple more. This time we have games brought to us and you by AEG, Playroom Entertainment, and The Gamesmith!


Playroom Entertainment is bringing us Unspeakable Words, Geek Out, and Killer Bunnies! Here’s a little bit about the games you’ll be playing…

Unspeakable words is a sweet Cthulu themed spelling card game. Imagine words with friends with a sanity check each round. You can find a breakdown of the rules on their website here!

Killer Bunnies is a game where you play as vicious bunnies on the mean streets of bunnyville. The point of the game is to have your bunny gang take out all of the opposing bunny gangs in brutal bunny on bunny combat! You can check out the full rules here.

Geek Out is the nerdiest trivia game you’ll ever play. Where only the truly nerdy “win” by trying to convince everyone else that the Flash is faster than Superman when everyone knows he’s not… Check out the rules here if you really want to, but we all know Superman is faster.

We will have copies of these games on hand for the raffle, in exchange for BBG coins, and just to play in general!

Our next feature game company is AEG. They are kind of a big deal. I will be bringing you more info on the games they will have for us tomorrow. As well as some info on the beer and a couple other special guests we will be featuring later this week!