Hear Ye Hear Ye! Special Guests!

We’re excited to announce some very special guests attending the Board Beer Geek Tavern event at Story Tavern on April 5th!

AmyVorpahlAmy Vorpahl

We’re honored to have popular improv comedian and actress Amy Vorphal at the Board Beer Geek Tavern.

Amy Vorpahl is an actress/writer/producer from Texas. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her BFA in acting, and is really stoked to be a graduate of The Groundlings Sunday Company! You may have seen her on The Mindy Project, Super Fun Night, Body of Proof, and Castle.Most recently the film Sister that she played in was accepted to Tribeca FF 2014. She is a proud host/writer for the RPG tutorial web show, Saving Throw, and has guested in other D&D shows such as Crit Juice, Dungeon Master, and plays Lady Vorpal on the web show Dungeon Bastard. Bring on the games!

Favorite Game: Skyrim

Twitter: @AmyVorpahl

IMG_3740-outMatt Buchholtz

DnD’er and Groundlings Improvisor, Matt Buchholtz from the popular Crit Juice podcast will be in attendance.

Matt drinks a lot of coffee. A lot. He’s a comedy writer, graphic designer, and gaming enthusiast hybrid class with several points into acting. He has studied at the University of Washington, Groundlings Theatre, and Upright Citizens Brigade. Proud founder of Crit Juice, Matt reprises his role every podcast as the stodgy and stonefaced Doc Keratin, long-tooth shifter of Dol Dorn. Keep your eyes open for Matt in a new Odenkirk project as well as his first feature, The Black Maria.

Twitter: @mattisgrounded

critjuicecrestCrit Juice

Crit Juice, is a podcast following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence.  The cast also puts on live shows from time to time at the Groundlings theater in Hollywood.  Definitely worth following if you are a fan of gaming and comedy. Join Matt Buchholtz along with a few of his crew including Daniel Acker, Handsome Gary Soldati, Amy Vorpahl, and Elko Weaver.

Twitter: @critjuice

UnderTheTableUnder the Table

Kelly Boardman and the cast of Under The Table, one of the newest geeky board game shows under theStream.TV umbrella will be in attendance.

“Under The Table” is a Tabletop Boardgaming show. Each episode features a new tabletop game, theme, special guest, and exciting original cocktail based on them. One sober host desperately tries to push the game along, as everyone else ends up Under the Table!

  • Host: Xander Jeanneret – You may recognize Xander from the second season of TBS’ King of the Nerds! Xander brings all of his goofy charm to the table, and loves every minute of it!
  • Host: Kevin Becker – Kevin is the “Sober Host” of the show, and manages to push the rest of the group through the various games. With his quick wit, however, he’ll be sure to leave you in stitches!
  • Host: Ryan Shrewsbury – Alcohol cannot dull the sharp tongue of comedian and writer Ryan. He’ll cut you apart with his jokes, but then glue you back together with his big heart. (Then smash you to pieces again)
  • Host: Ben Thomas – The “Rules Master” Ben is a stunt performer. He’ll knock you out with his one-two punch of competitive gameplay and strategy!
  • Host: Kelly Boardman – Kelly is the sweetheart of the group, and the resident mixologist. You’ll fall in love with her quirky personality as she brews her way to victory!


Story Tavern’s new Game Room

If you haven’t been to Story Tavern yet, you should really try to change that.  Not only does the fairly new gastropub showcase a menu of tasty pub fair, it also has a full line-up of craft beers!  They recently expanded their location adding a second wing devoted completely to games.  On top of being a restauranteur and foodie, Owner Brian Slaught is a die hard gamer.  He loves table top and miniature games, and is also a huge fan of classic games like Darts, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong, and Foosball.


Story Tavern Game Room – photo courtesy of Randy Clemens

The gaming event will take place in this hip new game space decked out with a reclaimed wood interior and copper ceiling.  The classic games will be moved to make way for gaming tables and Brian just announced that there will be a taco bar providing food for the event.  Wether it’s great craft beer, local cask ale, or cider, you’ll be bound to find something great to drink.


Story Tavern Main Pub – photo courtesy of Randy Clemens


To learn more about Story Tavern, read the recent Los Angeles Magazine article by Randy Clemens or visit Story Tavern’s Website!

Craft Beer or Cider

Wether you’re a fan of Craft Beer, Cask Ale, or Cider, we’ve got you covered.  Story Tavern has a wide assortment of great draft beer, Stronbow Dry Cider on tap and a selection of great bottles to choose from (including Julian Hard Cider).

To find out more about Story Tavern’s tap list – check out the menu here!

We will also be proudly featuring a great cask from the fantastic Eagle Rock Brewery, who will be making a special one off cask of Populist IPA for the event!

ERB Foam

Beer Geeks and Table Top Game Geeks Rejoice

This is the first ever event in the area that’ll celebrate the communal geekdom between beer geeks and board game geeks.  There is already a large crossover and we’re evidence of that.  Board Beer Geek Tavern is a collaborative event put on by local beer bloggers (Bierkast.com, LA-Beer-Blog.com, and BeerofTomorrow.com) along with our illustrious hosts at Story Tavern.  The event will showcase some great craft beer, a cast of Real Ale from a local LA brewery, live music, and some great food options from Story Tavern.

We’ll be featuring some awesome games which are great for beginners and advanced board gamers.  Each game is completable near the 60 minute mark, which means you’ll be able to get a few great games in during the event and hopefully meet some new friends.  Don’t worry if you’ve never played these games, we’ll have Game Runners helping to kick off each game and answer questions.

If you want to bring your own games, please feel free.  If you want to get a jump start on rules for the games we’ll be playing, here they are.


Special Thanks to JJ Game Lounge for helping us with the games!  Please let us know if you have any questions at all or if anything isn’t crystal clear.  We’re happy to answer questions.  Email us at INFO at Board Beer Geek Tavern dot Com.